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My debut novel and certainly a favourite

Lynda Dunwell is my birth name and I can trace my paternal line, the Dunwells, back to 1485 in Yorkshire, England. My father was born in Yorkshire, but I  was born and educated in Birmingham, England.

Living in Britain's second city wasn't enough for me, so when I was applying for a university place it had to be London where I studied for a degree at the London School of Economics. 

Upon graduation I worked in publicity as a press officer, I took teacher training and taught economics and business studies for over twenty years. I have  worked in tourism, written advertisement copy and been a genealogical researcher, but I always wanted to write fiction.

To me life is a wonderful learning path, so it's not surprising that I believe in getting to grips with technology and developing new skills especially creative ones.

As I love visiting historical properties, I joined the National Trust in England and Wales and I visit several locations each year. The experience of location is invaluable for research and writing.

I am a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, the Historical Novel Society and the Jane Austen Society.

Captain Westwood's Inheritance was written as a sequel to Marrying the Admiral's Daughter and is set in the same location with some of the characters. Like Ross Quentin, the dashing naval hero of the first novel, Captain Jonathan Westwood is also a navy man.

Both novels are set during the Peace of 1803 and each has a dramatic sea chase at the end - but best not give too much of the plot away.

All of my novels are available at Amazon.
Dressed in Regency costume and working at my writing slope. 

I'd like to think I could write all my Regency novels like this! Who am I trying to kid? But it was lovely getting dressed up.

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