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As an avid Titanic enthusiast, I could not resist writing a novel set  on board the famous ship.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: a Titanic Novel

Lucy's Story

When Lucy Mainwaring becomes  innocently embroiled in naval espionage, dashing naval officer Edward Hardie blames himself and offers to marry Lucy.  She refuses and the whole family sail to New York on the ill-fated liner. Edward accompanies them.

It is only when Titanic is sinking that Lucy discovers her true feelings for Edward - will she and the man she loves survive?

Due out in September 2015, this is the first in a three book series following three heroines throughout their voyage on Titanic. 
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Titanic Twelve Tales 

Twelve short stories all with a Titanic theme.

Readers said: "Twelve different tales told from different perspectives, some quite surprising and all of them riveting."

"Quick readable fiction, some stories very moving."